Technology Rental

In the competitive business world one way to gain an advantage over your competition is to have up-to-date systems and technology. But with technology constantly racing forward how can you stay ahead?

Technology finance such as computer rental is the answer. Renting allows your business to acquire a wide range of goods including computers, business machines and office equipment. You can update or add more items to help keep up with the very latest technology or business need.

Investing in IT related hardware and software can be costly, with high depreciation and the necessity for regular upgrading. Computer Rental is an innovative finance product that addresses these issues.

Through the Bridgecoast Finance Group subsidiary, ReadyRent, you can rent computers and other technology and equipment over a short term, typically 2-3 years.  At the end of the rental period you have the choice to hand back the equipment without penalty or residual, upgrade, continue to rent, or purchase the equipment outright.  This flexibility means that you can always have the latest technology without the drain of a large up-front investment.

Bridgecoast Finance is located at Gosford on the NSW Central Coast. To find out more about our Computer Rental and Technology Finance Contact Bridgecoast Finance Group today.

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